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Castle in the river Hudson River Hudson Valley fall time Bannermans island West Point canvas print metal print wall art

Castle in the river Hudson River Hudson Valley fall time Bannermans island West Point canvas print metal print wall art

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Bannerman's Island holds a special place in my heart. I've been capturing its mystique through the lens of my camera for as long as I can remember. The island, nestled in the Hudson River between Cold Spring and Beacon, New York, is a place where history and beauty converge.

For generations, the native Americans who inhabited this region believed that the island was haunted, a place of mystery and intrigue. But it was in the early 20th century that it truly gained notoriety when it became the home of a man named Francis Bannerman.

Francis Bannerman was an arms dealer, his warehouse initially located in Brooklyn. He had an unconventional start in the arms business, buying up surplus weapons from the Spanish-American War. As his business grew, he soon outgrew the bustling city and was asked to relocate. In a move that puzzled many, he purchased Bannerman's Island and set about creating something truly remarkable.

Bannerman's vision was to construct a Scottish-style castle on the island, which would serve both as a home and as a place to store his vast inventory of military surplus. The castle's imposing stone walls and turrets rose on the island, turning it into a place of fairy tale proportions. It must have been an odd sight, this medieval fortress amidst the natural beauty of the Hudson Valley.

However, fate had different plans for Francis Bannerman. For reasons that remain a mystery, his arms business eventually faltered. The castle, once a symbol of his success, stood empty for years, a silent sentinel over the river.

Then, in 1969 or 1970, disaster struck. A fire consumed the once-grand castle, leaving only a haunting shell behind. Over the years, the elements and time have taken their toll, and the castle has deteriorated, becoming a ghostly presence on the island.

My connection to Bannerman's Island goes back to my youth. I remember the first time I set foot on that island, feeling the weight of history and the echoes of the past in every stone and bramble. The island was like a time capsule, preserving the stories of those who had walked its shores and the dreams of the man who built the castle.

One fateful day, as I set out in my boat to capture the island's essence, the weather played a capricious game. The sun bathed the landscape in its golden glow, and the sky promised a perfect day for photography. But as I ventured further onto the river, the weather began to change. Dark clouds gathered, and a heavy feeling filled the air.

As I passed by Bannerman's Island, the first raindrops started to fall, a gentle reminder of nature's unpredictability. And yet, there was something magical about the island that day. The colors were more vivid, the lighting more dramatic, as if the island itself had come to life.

Without hesitation, I grabbed my camera and started taking shots, the raindrops landing on the lens only adding to the ethereal quality of the moment. I knew that this was a rare opportunity, a chance to capture the island in a way that few could.

Just as I finished capturing the scene, the heavens opened up, and the rain poured down in torrents. But I didn't mind. I had what I came for, a photograph that would forever encapsulate the island's haunting beauty and the sense of time and mystery that surrounded it.

As I headed back to Newburgh, with my boat loaded on the trailer, I couldn't help but smile. Bannerman's Island had worked its magic on me once again. It had turned a potentially soggy and disappointing day into a photographic adventure I would treasure forever. The island's enigmatic charm, the echoes of its past, and the allure of its decayed castle would continue to draw me back, year after year, as I sought to capture its essence through my lens.


Production and Shipping Time:

Glossy Photo Paper: 5 days for printing, 5 days for shipping.

Ready-to-Hang Canvas: 5 days for printing, 5 days for shipping.


There are 5 ways to print these images.

1) Premium Glossy Photo Paper are high quality, professional paper-prints.

Sharp, Vivid and rich Color sets this apart from a casual photo print.

You'll feel like you're there.

Premium Glossy Photo Paper will last a long time.

This option is available in 8x10 inches, 11x14 inches or 16x20 inches.

They are designed to be placed in a glass frame, which can be purchased separately (starting at a few dollars at your local Target or online).

2) Ready to Hang Canvas are ready to hang right out of the box with zero assembly required. Ultimate convenience.

Gorgeous finished look. It comes out of the shipping box finished and ready to hang with a simple nail in the wall.

Canvas Prints are a well-known, high-end way of displaying photographs.

1.5 inch thick wooden stretcher-bars that give it shape, in the same way an oil painting is traditionally assembled. There are no staples or ugly lines visible on the sides (very important).

Estimated delivery time for printing, assembling, packing and shipping is around 10 days.

3) Ready to Hang Canvas (split into 3 panels)

This is for larger pieces, and the photograph is split into 3 even panels, 3 separate canvas panels which put together make a single large image.

This gives a modern look, and allows spectacularly large sizes on your wall!

4) Aluminum Metal Prints

Create elegant wall decor that shines with high-end, exclusive and unique aluminum metal prints.

Create a polished addition to any home or office. 3/64" thick aluminum panel. Features a glossy coating and rounded edges.

UV resistant ink prevents fading. All metal sizes are ready to hang on your wall, right out of the box.

5) Acrylic Prints

Create eye-catching home decor with modern acrylic prints. Light refracts through the museum-quality acrylic bringing vibrancy and depth to your photos. The .22" thick clear acrylic produces superb image quality from edge to edge and absolutely stunning, brilliant color!

UV resistant ink prevents fading. All metal sizes are ready to hang on your wall, right out of the box

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